The Best Heavy Duty Air Compressor – DEWALT DWFP55130

For a compacted air compressor that will offer you by a low noise output plus still get the work done, DeWalt DWFP55130 is the best heavy duty air compressor piece just for you. The air compressor has been planned and built by one of the world foremost manufacturer of inflated power tools – DeWalt.

Whereas the unit is not completely silent, a bunch of customers have gone on record toward express their gratitude of the low noise releases of the unit. However before you could make a verdict call on this alone, it is wise you go over the thorough DeWalt DWFP55130 review.

Elementary Info

This air compressor is mostly appropriate for trim work (as designated by its name). It offers a max of 200 PSI of force and feature a 2.5-gallon tank in addition to 90 PSI at an air provision rate of 3 SCFM which is further than sufficient for widespread nailing.

The pump is founded on an oil-free design which takes repairs out of the calculation since you do not have to alteration the oil on it. This compressor creates very little sound, maxing out at 71db.

The motor driving the compressor has a low amp draw creating it perfect for easy start-ups, plus you don’t have toward worry around any of the breakers elegant either. Its dimensions are justly miniature since it’s merely 14 inches varied. It is very light too, assessing just 36lbs which ensures extreme mobility.

Further features comprise a ball drain valve which gets free of moisture that could build up inside the reservoir over time.


DWFP55130 Performance Figure

When compared toward compressors that aspect a pancake-style plan, this one is capable to fill the tank around 15% faster. I must also clarify the benefit of that imposing 200 PSI number. You see, if that digit is high it means the reservoir can store more compacted air! This is particularly true with this model meanwhile it fills the tank while the pressure starts toward dip below 165 PSI which I consideris a pleasant buffer to rely on. The high-torque motor is prepared to function in cold climate conditions even while hooked up toward an extension cord.

Low Noise

Meanwhile this is mainly a trim air compressor, it will most probable be used indoors maximum of the time. Noise is not much of an issue while you usage your compressor outside. Luckily, the unit is excellently quiet, even while associated to pancake compressors. 71dB is an inspiring number, so you would have no problem connecting with your co-workers whereas functioning this device.


However some compressors actually push the word “portable”, this one is a true instance of a moveable compressor. Assessing just 36lbs, best heavy duty air compressor is extremely suitable for normal transport. Its roll bar is planned not merely to defend the vital constituents of the compressor from getting smashed, but moreover to act as a carrying handle.


Selecting between Horizontal plus Vertical

Another attractive thing around this air compressor is you could use it whether it is placed in a vertical otherwise horizontal position. Noticeably, it’s continually better to go with the parallel orientation for improved stability, however sometimes the footmark of the compressor would be too large so it is nice to have the choice. It also derives in convenient when you are numerous inches small on cord. Only flip the unit over, as well as problem solved.


  1. A remarkably sturdy and solid building
  2. Light weight design at 41.9 pounds
  3. Quiet sufficient for indoor usage at 71.5 dB
  4. Can be used either parallel or vertically – the casing design and placement of the controls permit for this
  5. Two outlets for double use
  6. Low amp grade at 12 Amps


  1. Significantly low tank capacity
  2. Slow toward build pressure

The Verdict

If you are in search of a powerful indoor otherwise trim compressor which won’t make your ears exploit in the procedure, this best heavy duty air compressor derives highly commended. People who have bought it totally love this effective little unit. The lightweight design of this unit creates it faultless for persons seeing to have an easy to store as well as move air compressor.