A Guide to Choosing a Heavy-Duty Air Compressor for your Car and Truck


You may be a professional trades person or farmer, or you may be a DIY guy trying to undertake a major project. Sooner or later you will need an Air Compressor and not just a compressor of the tire inflating kind that you can find online on Amazon or at certain retailers like Walmart.  A big job needs a big compressor, right? So here we will talk about the jobs where you may need that heavy duty help and try and identify some compressors that will help you hit that heavy-duty job out of the ballpark.

What is an Air Compressor?

Firstly, what is an Air Compressor and what does it do?   An Air Compressor is a power operated tool that creates and moves pressurized air around. The air that the compressor moves around creates a force which can then be used to power tools and also to do things like inflating car and truck tires.

Uses for an Air Compressor

Whether it is around the home, on a construction site or if you are out in the countryside and have a farm there are many practical reasons why you may need an air compressor and importantly why you may need to have it in your car or truck. Some of these can also have a general application such as:

  • Pneumatic Nail Guns and Staplers
  • Painting
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Inflating vehicle tires

Accessories for your Compressor

As you can see the compressor can be used on the farm, on the construction site, in the auto shop or around the home. To make sure that you use your compressor for the correct purpose you will also need some accessories like:

  • Air tools like a paint sprayer, a nail gun or a stapler
  • Lubricants and coolants
  • Regulators and Pressure Gauges
  • Oil
  • Tubing
  • Safety goggles and Safety Equipment


With this guide we have explained what the compressor does, what it can be used for and the accessories you will need as well as looking at providers. Now you have everything you to need to get that Heavy-Duty Air Compressor for your Car and Truck and hit that job out of the ballpark

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