What You Should Know When Choosing a Portable air Compressor for Heavy Duty Operations

The use of air compression technology is virtually being incorporated in every day tools that are proving especially beneficial for DIYers. From nail guns to spray paints and the likes, the increase in demand is becoming ever more visible. However with so many in the market, many people become overwhelmed with the multitude of choices to chose from. Below is guideline aimed to help you choose the best air compressor for heavy for heavy-duty operations in your home.

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How to choose a portable air compressor for heavy-duty operations

The worst way you can make an air compressor investment is heading into the market with no expectations. Ideally not knowing what your needs are is a sure way of settling down for anything. That said, ensure you have a list of what you want it to do for you, your budget and a general inking of what you want before making a choice.


Generally when looking at portable air compressor to choose from especially for heavy dirty operations, size matters. Size is measured in the amount of pressurized air it can hold. Look at your needs and be on the lookout for one that will sufficiently meet them. Remember small compressors are ill fit to air hungry like duty operations like sanders and paint sprayers. Different gallon sized operates differently and thus large gallon compressors translate to more pressurized air that helps you cover a large surface area in workload before the pressure drops and its set to refill.

Cubic feet per minute (CFM)

Going hand with size is the CFM that you need. Ideally CFM translates to how fast the compressor can supply air to your machine. A disparity in supply and demand usually translates to jerky like motions that are necessitated when the air compressor is slower in supplying airmen to make up, your machine tries to load air faster and is forced to stop and start abruptly leading to interruption of work in question. To ensure this doesn’t happen, choose an air compressor that offers more supply in terms of cubic feet per minute.

Pounds per square inch

Another important factor to consider when choosing a portable air compressor for heavy-duty operations considering the psi. Many people disregard this as a factor because when working its benefit isn’t openly identifiable. However this is the factor that allows a relatively a smaller tank hold more air between load time. This means a bigger sized tank can work at minimal potential of it has a lower psi and a smaller one can work better than a larger sized air compressor is it has a larger psi. When choosing, consider one that offers high pounds per square inch and is large-sized that will thus translate to an air compressor that will work at its optimum potential and will be suitable for heavy-duty operations.


One factor that is usually disregarded when choosing an air compressor is the noise level that it emits. A common feature with most compressors is that they can be unbearably loud and thus it is wise to take into consideration the noise level that is tolerable to you. When considering sound emitted in decibels, a difference in about 10dvmeans that one that is measures 80db can be twice as loud as that of about 70db. That said, technological advancement has made it possible for noiseless air compressors to be introduced in the market. Though not entirely noiseless they are much lower and thus more enjoyable to use. Unfortunately they do come with a price tag to match the benefit.


Finally, the one last thing that is imperative to consider is the maintenance of the air compressor in question. To meet different needs and specifications, air compressors range from how they work to the amount of upkeep they use. In recent times, air compressors have moved to accommodate oil-free designs that completely eliminating the constant and to keep on checking and changing of oils between uses. This means less clean up procedure, less time wastage and a relative ease of use. Oiled air compressors are still available in the market and over time have proved to wear and tear at a slower rate than an oil-less air compressor. Depending on what your preference it when choosing an air compressor for personal use, keeping this in mind will prove useful when making the final choice.


In all remember that when choosing an air compressor, choosing one that meets your specific needs is prudent. In all be in the know that portability in all foes does not simply mean weight but also the shape that matters. In keeping the above tips in mind you are better placed to choose a portable air compressor for heavy-duty operations that will serve you for years to come.

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